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Is Restricting Calories The Best Choice?

I'm bringing back an old post that I believe is perfect for what is going on in my life right now. I've been giving advice to various people about proper weight-loss solutions that won't sacrifice their long-term health. With new research coming out about various weight-loss programs/diets (some of which I will share in a later post), I'm going to begin a new weight-loss series. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope this information helps as you enter your wei

#1 Move For a Lifted Butt

Most women like having a lifted and rounded booty. Today I am sharing with you my favorite and probably the #1 best move for achieving the perfectly toned, hamstrings and butt. Romanian Deadlift The Benefits: They are easy They specifically target the hamstrings and glutes They trigger fat-burning hormone release Doing them correctly will strengthen your lats, creating a strong back Powerful hamstrings will help you jump higher, run faster, and lift that booty They increase f

Exercise...How Much is Too Much?

Like anything in life, exercise should be done in moderation. There are usually two types of people when it comes to fitness; those who aren't motivated to exercise at all and those who love to exercise because it makes them feel good. There is also one more type of person who takes exercise to the extreme of an addiction. This person takes up a very small percentage of the fitness community, however, I have been seeing more and more of these people coming out of the woodwork

Snapping Joints...What Does It Mean?

Every dancer knows exactly what I'm going to talk about today. Have you ever experienced snapping or popping joints? Most dancers, and some athletes, have. It has become a pretty normal annoyance to have to deal with. However, does it actually mean something is wrong? That is what we are going to talk about. A lot of the time, snapping joints are totally benign. Though, there are times when this popping can be from an injury. They usually snap or pop due to one or more of the

Natural At-Home "Spa" Products

I've had a lot of fun so far trying out new products and recipes for pampering myself at home. Now, I know that nothing beats a spa and having someone give you a massage or facial, however, sometimes it's just not the most affordable option. Because I haven't had enough time to try out all of the recipes that I wanted to, I'm going to extend this series into next week as well. Today, I'm going to share the products that I have tried and hopefully you like them! Some of these

Monday Munchies - Food For Your Skin

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I am starting a series all about natural care products and at-home "spa" items. I've decided to try out a couple of different facial care brands as well as some easy recipes. To start off this series, we're going to discuss some great foods that will help you achieve healthy, strong skin and hair. Food is the main way to keep your body healthy and happy. Sticking to healthy foods that are high in antioxidants, minerals, a

Back Strength - How to Avoid Chronic Back Pain Part 2

So...I know it's been a couple of week since part one of this short series, however, I think it's time to pick it back up again and finish it. If you didn't see the first part, you can check it out here. As I mentioned in my last post, back pain is a very common issue among all ages. Whether they are active or inactive, athletic or not, young or old. In the last post, I shared some great strengthening exercises for increasing back strength. Today, I am going to share some cor

Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program Review

I love finding new resources that will help me with both my job as a personal trainer and dance teacher, but also as a dancer myself. I spend a lot of time researching various products and books to make sure that they are indeed helpful and proven to be effective. One of the best programs that I discovered a couple of years ago was this flexibility program. I encourage you to check it out for yourself and here is why: For years I've struggled with inflexibility. Sure, I can t

Back Strength - How to Avoid Chronic Back Pain Part 1

Back pain is a common issue among many groups of people. The increase of desk jobs is often the cause of increased lower and upper back pain, as well as neck pain due to poor posture on a daily basis. For athletes and dancers, back pain can be attributed to constant stress and injury to the area. Whatever the cause, back pain is a nuisance that should be handled delicately. The best way to handle back pain is by using preventative measures before it becomes an issue. I'd like

Healthy Beauty Brands

As a health professional, I find that having healthy makeup brands is just as important as eating healthy foods. Everything that you put on your skin eventually makes it into your bloodstream. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are choosing products that don't contain harmful ingredients. If you would like to read more on this subject, you can check out A Dancer's Diary. The most common ingredients that can be harmful to your health include: Sodium lauryl sulfate

Top 10 Exercises For People with Anemia

Exercise is a great support system for people with certain health issues. It can help their bodies work more efficiently and even help them recover from what ails them. As a personal trainer, I'm required to do my research on how to properly teach each person to exercise according to their specific health issues. I wanted to start diving a little deeper into how fitness can be used as a way to prevent further decline in health. Of course, you must consult your doctor before e

Abdominals - How to Avoid "Triangle" Abs (Prenatal Fitness)

Whether you are pregnant already, thinking of becoming pregnant, or have been pregnant before, this fitness tip is important for pre and postnatal fitness. Have you ever noticed a triangle shape when you flex your abdominals during pregnancy? The reason for this weird shape is simply the separation of the muscles and the thinning of the mid line tissue to allow the stretching of the uterus during pregnancy. As the baby grows, the uterus pushes against the abdominal muscles, e

Copper Toxicity: What's the Big Deal?

In our household lately, we've been doing a lot of research on copper toxicity and how to reverse the effects. Did you know that an over abundance of copper in the body can cause anemia, hair loss, insomnia, and other physiological and psychological symptoms? The body needs copper in order to produce ATP (the precursor to DNA and RNA and works to store and use energy from food). When the body doesn't have enough ATP, it can't produce enough energy to perform regular bodily fu

Hamstrings & Quads - Finding the Balance

I have found, through many years of research, that a lot of athletes have a similar problem. They have an imbalance in the muscles of their legs. This is becoming less and less of a problem among athletes because research has shown how it can hinder their performance and changes are being made. However, it is becoming more and more of an issue among the average adult. Prolonged sitting and improper training of the muscle groups can cause tightness or weakness in either the qu

Top 5 Exercises for the Rotator Cuff

One of the most common injuries in both dance and athletics is rotator cuff injury. This particular injury comes from overuse (baseball, tennis, swimming, weightlifting, and football). This can cause a huge problem for athletes who constantly use their arms. If you work through the pain and don't take care of the injury right away, the shoulder ligaments and tendons can degenerate causing further injury and future issues. The best way to keep this from happening is to strengt

Why is Iron so Important?

Why is iron so important for our bodies? Iron is an important mineral that aids in the formation of oxygen-carrying materials, including hemoglobin and myoglobin (found in the red blood cells and tissues). When iron levels are low, the oxygen available to the red blood cells and tissues is insufficient for proper function. This can cause anemia. There are two types of iron that your body needs, non-heme iron and heme iron. Non-heme iron is found in plant-based foods and appro

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight-Loss

I love apple cider vinegar! The benefits of this great vinegar include alkalizing the body, lowering blood sugar levels, and aiding in weight-loss. Regular consumption of ACV can help promote better protein utilization and aids in the formation of growth hormone which keeps the body's metabolism running constantly. You will remember from previous posts, metabolism is what keeps unwanted fat from building up in your body. When your metabolism is working correctly, it will be e

Healthy Weight-Loss Snacks 4

The best way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism. When your metabolism is normal, you are able to burn fat quickly and efficiently as well as build muscle. Metabolism is the conversion of food into fuel in order for cellular processes to perform properly. It also aids in eliminating waste from the body. Today I am going to share two recipes that will boost metabolism, lower inflammation, and increase circulation. Hot peppers such as jalapenos, chiles, and habaneros

Let's Talk Weight-Loss Snacks - Part 5

This will be the last installment of our series. As it comes to a close, I want to encourage you once again to be positive about your weight-loss journey. If you are looking for new ways to lose weight through diet, I will be starting another series next Friday on healthy, beneficial weight-loss foods. I believe that it is important to be as informed as you can be about what you put into your body and I hope that through these series' I have helped you learn and discover the

Let's Talk Weight-Loss Snacks - Part 4

So, we have already discussed the damaging effects of Atkins, SlimFast, and Nutrisystem, and today we are going to talk a little bit about Medifast. Please remember that I am not criticizing anyone who decides to use this weight-loss method or who have found it to work for them. On the other hand, I believe that you deserve to know how these weight-loss strategies can effect your body, long-term. Medifast This weight-loss program offers much of the same benefits as the others

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