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Is Restricting Calories The Best Choice?

I'm bringing back an old post that I believe is perfect for what is going on in my life right now. I've been giving advice to various people about proper weight-loss solutions that won't sacrifice their long-term health. With new research coming out about various weight-loss programs/diets (some of which I will share in a later post), I'm going to begin a new weight-loss series. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope this information helps as you enter your wei

Monday Munchies - Travel Fitness Diaries

When you are on vacation, it can be difficult to eat healthy or on the cheap. Thankfully, if you have a kitchen, there are ways to circumvent spending money on restaurant meals by making them in your room. Whenever we stay in Florida, we always stop by Whole Foods for some groceries to fill in the extra days. At Whole Foods, or certain grocery stores, you can find healthy, frozen meals. Our favorites are Amy's Macaroni and Cheese, Amy's Burritos, Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Ma

Travel Fitness Diaries - Part 1

Tomorrow starts my summer vacation! I am so excited to finally have a break from writing. I thought it would be fun to start a travel diary focused on my fitness routines and tips. If you are deciding to take a trip somewhere, I recommend that you try some of these great routines, recipes, and more! Today, I am sharing a great video of 8 quick workouts that you can do on vacation. I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to check back every week for more updates! Until next time, A

#1 Move For a Lifted Butt

Most women like having a lifted and rounded booty. Today I am sharing with you my favorite and probably the #1 best move for achieving the perfectly toned, hamstrings and butt. Romanian Deadlift The Benefits: They are easy They specifically target the hamstrings and glutes They trigger fat-burning hormone release Doing them correctly will strengthen your lats, creating a strong back Powerful hamstrings will help you jump higher, run faster, and lift that booty They increase f

Monday Motivation

Have a wonderful day my lovely readers! Don't forget to enter to win a signed copy of A Dancer's Diary, a signed copy of Stress Less Cooking by Deidra Howard, and two Yes-To Face masks. Click here to enter! Until next time, Amanda #Dance #Health #Quotes #Exercise #Book #Inspiration #Athletics #Sports #Support #Giveaway #Dancers #Summer

Books You Must Read This Summer!

Today is beach day! And, with beach day, comes the thought of which book I should bring along with me. I am always the one at the beach laid out on my towel with a book in my hand (occasionally taking a break to stick my feet in the water to cool off). With that said, I would like to share my top 10 favorite summer reads. Let me know what your favorite books/authors are in the comments below. Enjoy! #1 The Great Gatsby I love this book! I finished it in one day when I first b

Monday Motivation - How to Start Your Monday off Right

The title of this post may suggest to you that there is one perfect way to start your Mondays. However, I'm going to tell you that that is untrue. You may read blogs or books that tell you that you must have a certain routine in order to be successful or to make your week successful. Just like no two people are alike, no two Mondays are alike. Every day is a gift and every day comes with its unique challenges. I am going to share some simple ways you can make your Mondays ama

Natural At-Home "Spa" Products

I've had a lot of fun so far trying out new products and recipes for pampering myself at home. Now, I know that nothing beats a spa and having someone give you a massage or facial, however, sometimes it's just not the most affordable option. Because I haven't had enough time to try out all of the recipes that I wanted to, I'm going to extend this series into next week as well. Today, I'm going to share the products that I have tried and hopefully you like them! Some of these

Monday Motivation - Keep up the Good Work

Today, I would like to get back into the regular swing of things by sharing a great quote that I found by Jillian Michaels. “You messed up your diet and didn’t exercise today—so what? You didn’t ruin anything. Get back on track tomorrow. If you have one flat tire, do you slash the other three? Of course not.” –Jillian Michaels Keep up the good work! Even if you didn't do things perfectly today, there is always tomorrow. I believe in you. Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!

Monday Motivation

Make the most of today! Have the best Monday ever, Amanda #Athletics #Sports #Support #Dance #Spring #Quotes #Inspiration #Dancers #Blogging

Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program Review

I love finding new resources that will help me with both my job as a personal trainer and dance teacher, but also as a dancer myself. I spend a lot of time researching various products and books to make sure that they are indeed helpful and proven to be effective. One of the best programs that I discovered a couple of years ago was this flexibility program. I encourage you to check it out for yourself and here is why: For years I've struggled with inflexibility. Sure, I can t

Monday Motivation

I'm a little behind on my to-dos today but I'm pushing through. Don't let the Monday blues hit you too hard today. Get out, get active, get things done! Until next time, Amanda #Athletics #Sports #Support #Dancers #Dance #Stress #Spring #Quotes #Exercise #Inspiration

Monday Motivation

Have an amazing day gorgeous! Amanda P.S. does the fact that the quote says your instead of you're bother you as much as it does me? ;) #Athletics #Sports #Support #Women #Dancers #Dance #Quotes #Exercise #Inspiration #Blogging #WeightLoss

New Things Coming Your Way!

I've been thinking about some fun changes for the blog lately and I'm excited to announce that they will finally be coming into effect for the summer! We will be working on some more workouts for you as well as interesting health topics, traveling, and more. Make sure you are following the blog to get regular updates on new posts. These changes will take place on June 1st! You can also follow me on Instagram for regular updates. I try to keep my stories and feed updated in or

Monday Motivation

While on vacation, it seems fitting to post a little motivation for you and myself. It's easy to skip workouts and eating well when you're on vacation, but today I encourage you to push yourself to do the hard thing. A little exercise can go a long way and a healthy meal will help you feel energized and fulfilled. Keep up the good work! Check back on Wednesday for a great hotel room workout. Until next time, Amanda #Dance #Health #Spring #Quotes #Exercise #Inspiration #Athlet

Monday Motivation

Have a great day everybody! Amanda #Support #Dancers #Athletics #Sports #Blogging #Quotes #Dance #Stress #WeightLoss #Spring #Inspiration

Monday Motivation

Here is a little inspiration for you today. Instead of writing a full post, I decided to share one of my favorite quotes with you. You are a very unique and beautiful! Don't ever forget that. Until next time, Amanda #Athletics #Sports #Support #Dance #Spring #Quotes #Inspiration #Blogging #Dancers

Welcome Spring!

Although it's wet, rainy, and snowy (yes, snowy) here, I'm still very excited that it's finally Spring! This just means that we are that much closer to Summer and outdoor workouts. What are your thoughts on Spring? I wish you the best day ever! Enjoy the warm weather if you have it, and if you don't, it'll be here before you know it ;). Until next time, Amanda #Blogging #Spring #Inspiration

Monday Motivation

I feel like the majority of this blog is food related so I wanted to mix things up a little. Instead of doing Monday Munchies every Monday, I thought it would be fun to do it every other Monday with a little Monday Motivation in between (have I said Monday enough?). Everyone could use a little motivation every once in a while, including myself. In fact, what motivates me to get up off the couch and exercise every day is my family. I've found that exercising with others helps

Spring Sale

This spring, I will be offering $10 off the Amazon price of A Dancer's Diary! If you order before June 1st, you will get A Dancer's Diary for only $25. Just click "order your copy of A Dancer's Diary" in the upper left corner of this page and fill out the information. A Dancer's Diary offers great information specific to dancers and athletes (and those in between) who wish to maintain health and strength throughout their careers. You will learn how to properly maintain streng

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