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A Dancer’s Diary has taken years to research as I wanted it to be unique from all of the other health-related dance books that are for sale. Instead of focusing on just one topic, I have decided to use my experience as a dancer and dance teacher to write about everything a dancer needs to know. This includes prevention and care of injuries, maintaining a healthy weight without falling into an eating disorder, how to make their own “spa” products at home, fun recipes, stretches, and beautifully illustrated journal pages.


Each dancer deserves a chance to reach their highest goals and potential. Injury and illness can hinder performance, making it difficult to reach these goals. Prevention is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. The first step is learning how to avoid injury and illness. Once you have established that, it will be much easier for you to achieve your goals and enjoy dancing. With this book, dancers will miss fewer classes throughout the dance year, leaving more time to excel and grow as a dancer. They will also have fun with the extra chapters on how to take care of your hair, feet, and skin, try their hand at homemade "spa" products, and learn easy ways to stay cool under pressure.

Amanda E. Howard
Amanda E. Howard on the Beach
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Amanda E. Howard is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Specialist, choreographer, dance teacher, and former dance studio owner. Amanda has been trained throughout her life by her Naturopathic doctor grandmother, which inspired her love of medicine and her current profession. Through personal training, Amanda works with athletes and dancers who wish to maintain and build strong, healthy bodies on and offseason. She specializes in teaching prevention methods for injuries and illness by instructing clients how to maintain strength and endurance.


Through her years of dancing and teaching, she found that a lot of her students and fellow dancers were getting sick and missing many classes. After much research, she discovered that there wasn’t one comprehensive resource that dancers and their parents could go to. A Dancer’s Diary is written to help dancers achieve their highest potential in their chosen art. It is also a great resource for dance teachers who wish to instruct their students on how to take care of their bodies to avoid injury.

Amanda E. Howard on the Beach