#1 Move For a Lifted Butt

Most women like having a lifted and rounded booty. Today I am sharing with you my favorite and probably the #1 best move for achieving the perfectly toned, hamstrings and butt.

Romanian Deadlift

The Benefits:

  • They are easy

  • They specifically target the hamstrings and glutes

  • They trigger fat-burning hormone release

  • Doing them correctly will strengthen your lats, creating a strong back

  • Powerful hamstrings will help you jump higher, run faster, and lift that booty

  • They increase forearm strength and grip strength

  • Great posture

  • The increase in muscle strength also help strengthen the bones

When you have weak glutes, you can experience knee, hip, and back pain.

To see great results, I recommend that you start by doing 10 deadlifts holding two 2 lb. weights. Gradually increase the reps until you can do up to 40 in one go (this might take you as long as 3-6 months to work up to). You can also gradually increase the weight up to 20 lb. when you feel comfortable (again, this might take you up to 3-6 months).

As always, don't push yourself too fast. Work up to more reps and heavier weight very slowly. And, don't forget to stretch afterward.

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