A Dancer's Diary Update

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your spring break. Today I wanted to just update you real quick on how the book is progressing. I have finally finished putting together the list of all the dance studios in the country. That took FOREVER! Now I just need to put together a short list of who to invite to the launch party. That part is fun.

We finally decided on a location for the launch party which is pretty awesome. The location was becoming a huge thorn in my paw because everything was either too expensive or didn't allow for many people. I am excited to check that off my list.

Julia is still working on the cover for the book. It was scanned in and ended up being too light so she has to darken it a little, then we add the lettering! I will also be coming up with the back cover design sometime this week and she'll be putting that together.

I have finished my second author interview for a writer's blog. Hopefully they will be up within the month and I'll share them with you. I also have my second beta-reader which is pretty awesome. She is a So You Think You Can Dance (South Africa) contestant and is excited to read and review A Dancer's Diary.

Finally, I now have 2 models for the photo shoot on the 6th. I'm still looking for one more, but I am very excited to meet the girls who are already chosen. Now I just need to make a complete list of modeling poses. :)

Everything is coming together very slowly but it's coming along none the less. I am very blessed to have such wonderful people around me to keep me focused and positive. Have a blessed spring break!

Until next time,


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