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A Dancer’s Diary vs. Ballerina Body by Misty Copeland

I've debated back and forth with myself about whether or not to post this, but I feel that it is necessary. Why you might ask? Because in the competitive field of authoring a self-help/dance fitness/dance health book, sometimes readers and potential buyers would like to know what exactly makes my book different than those already out there, some of which are written by famous dancers. Today I am going to share some insight into how my book is different from Misty Copeland's Ballerina Body.

Please feel free to ask me any questions or share your thoughts.


A Dancer's Diary VS. Ballerina Body

Let's start off with Misty's book. First of all, I love Misty Copeland. She is such an inspiration and I love that she is using dance as her platform to change the dance world for the better. I picked up her book in Barnes & Noble when I was beginning the publishing process of my own; probably back in late 2017. I wanted to see what she had to share and how her book was laid out.

I was impressed. Granted, I didn't have any background information to go on except for the fact that she is a famous dancer and she was writing about health and fitness, however, I was impressed nonetheless.

It was great how she shared her personal story and struggles in dance. I loved her chapter on taking care of your mind and accepting your body for what it is. I'd almost say it rivaled mine for the better because she struggled a whole lot more than I ever did. Her background in that area made for the best chapter of the whole book.

She encourages dancers to follow their dreams in dance and gives them a little help and guidance as far as how to go about following those dreams. Her insight into balancing life and finding time to breathe is great.