A Dancer's Favorite Workout

Good morning everyone!

Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite workouts that I used to teach in my studio. It combines all of my favorite dance moves for a great toning workout. All of these moves can be done with repetitions of 10-30 depending on your current level of fitness. For extra added difficulty, you can add light weights (2-3 lbs.), ankle weights (3-5 lbs.), and/or resistance bands.

Let me know what you think! Enjoy.


You always want to warm up the muscle groups you will be working with similar movements that you will be doing in the actual workout.

  • Gentle torso twists [20x]

  • Changements [20x]

  • Jumps from first [20x]

  • Jumps from second [20x]


Plies and Releves from First-

Plie down, tucking your butt in and keeping your shoulders down and neck long. Bring your arms up to first (belly button). Come up into a releve bringing your arms down en bas (down low).

Plies and Releves from Second-

Stay with the same principles of the first position plies and releves.

Chasse Jump-

Start slow, then add in a jump.

One leg tendu side, step onto that leg into a releve bringing arms to fifth. End with a plie on the other leg and the opposite leg tendu side. Once you are comfortable with this move, add in a jump instead of a releve.

Plie Butterflies from First-

Holding on to a chair or barre (preferably taller than mine :) ), releve and press your heels together as close as you can. Plie down and move your knees in and out, making sure to keep your heels together and butt tucked in.

Plie Butterflies from Second-

Same principles as the ones from first.

Arabesque Lifts-

Keep your shoulders down and neck long. Plie on your standing leg and tendu back with the other. Lift the leg off the floor. Add pulses for extra toning.


Perform regular bridges making sure you relax your neck as much as possible.

Perform one legged bridges making sure you maintain the same height with both legs.

Perform a one legged bridge and hold it. Lower your leg to the height of your supporting knee and then back up again, repeat.

Perform a bridge with your feet together and in releve. Press your knees together and then open them out. Repeat this without lowering your hips.

Same as the above exercise but your feet are wider apart (about hip width).

Toe-Ceiling Pulses-

On all fours, lift one leg with a pointed toe and pulse it up

Upper Back Lifts-

It is extremely important that you use only the upper back muscles otherwise you could strain your lower back.

With your arms in first, slightly lift your upper body off the floor. Lower back down.


Keeping your heels together, plie and then straighten your legs straight up. If you want to make this move more difficult, press your legs a little lower.

Low Crunches-

Keep the crunches low in order to engage all of your abdominal muscles.

Perform a twist, lift in the middle, and then twist to the other side.

Curtsy Lunge with Releve-

Lunge in a curtsy, lift to a releve in the middle, and curtsy on the other side.

Ballet Arms-

Float your arms up and down.

Press your arms behind you for a triceps press.


It is super important to stretch after every workout in order to increase flexibility and remove any excess lactic acid in your muscles.

I recommend the following-

  • Quad stretch

  • Calf stretch

  • Hamstring stretch (standing pike stretch)

  • Port de bras

  • Triceps and shoulder stretches

  • Hip stretch

I hope you have enjoyed this post! It was almost 90 degrees when I was taking these pictures so I was pretty hot. Have a great weekend.

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