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Are You Getting Excited Yet?

I know that what I have shared with you regarding A Dancer's Diary has been minimal as far as behind-the-scenes and the marketing process. Most of the posts have been either excerpts or fun health tips. However, lately things have been picking up and I'm excited to let you in on some of the little details behind the creation of A Dancer's Diary.

So are you excited yet?

I hope so! Next week I hope to do a Q&A with all of my social media and blog followers. This way you get to know me a little better and you get questions answered about the book. If that doesn't intrigue you, hopefully this will.

In the next few months we will be filming a behind-the-scenes video of our photo shoot! I will be taking a group of local dancers to various photography spots to do promotional shots as well as photos for the book itself. This video will help build excitement and introduce you to the dancers who will be featured in A Dancer's Diary.

Now are you excited?

I am! As much as I would love to tell you more, I think that a few things need be kept secret for a little bit longer. ;) Not to worry, though. There will plenty of fun surprises coming soon as we get closer the publishing date.