Best Lower Ab Exercises

You all probably know that it is important to have a strong core in order to take the pressure off your back. In dance it is important to have a strong core to keep your balance, maintain proper lines, and perform movements without strain on the back.

The lower abs are some of the hardest muscles to work. They need some special attention and specific exercises in order to train them properly. Here are four of my favorites.

Reverse Crunches (10-20x)

* try and maintain a 90 degree angle with both hips and knees

* press your hands into the floor to give you more stability

* try and relax your neck and shoulders as much as possible

* don't swing your legs, use your core as much as possible

Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (20-30x)

* to release pressure from the hip flexors, use sliding disks

* keep your back straight and abs engaged

* when crossing leg under, keep hips square

Elbow Plank (20-40 seconds)

* maintain a straight line with your butt and back

* engage abs

* relax shoulders and neck as much as possible

Scissors (20-30x)

* try and relax your neck as much as possible

* place your hands under your butt if you need a little extra support

* lower your leg only a couple of inches from the floor