Carrot Seed Oil Sunscreen

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial day! Today we are going to talk a little about a natural summer beauty product, Carrot Seed Oil. Because summer is coming upon us so quickly, it is important to know what products work and are not harmful to your health and skin.

Carrot Seed Oil is proven to be a great natural sunscreen as it contains SPF 38-40 when combined with a carrier oil. I recommend that you combine it with almond oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil. Not only will these oils provide you with sun protection, they will also moisturize your skin.

I have attached a picture below that will show you what oils you can use and what SPF they provide. It is important that you are not putting chemicals on your skin as it gets absorbed into your body. Long term use of chemical sunscreens can cause health problems. If you want to learn more about conventional sunscreens and their toxic ingredients, I recommend that you visit this website from Dr. Axe.

Limit your time out in the sun so that you can prevent sunburns. You should spend at least 20 minutes in direct sunlight to get your vitamin D for the day. Wear your natural sunscreen and keep applying it. Enjoy the summer!

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