Energy Options Without the Caffeine

Since we have talked about what you can eat to help you sleep, I wanted to post something about how you can boost your energy levels without using caffeine. Some of these options will be food, but there are a few other options that can work a little faster if you need a quick boost (ex: ginseng). Enjoy!

B Vitamins

A steady dose of daily B vitamins can help boost the production of red blood cells that help transport oxygen throughout your body. You can take B vitamin supplements or from food sources such as sunflower seeds, tuna, and avocado.


Made into a hot drink, chicory can offer similar benefits as coffee but without the jittery feelings. It also contains vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C, and potassium.


Maca is excellent for hormone balance. It can be added to smoothies and baked goods and is great for improving mood and reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Rich in antioxidants, ginseng helps improve your immune system and decreasing inflammation. This is my favorite way to improve my energy levels without the use of caffeine.


Spinach is rich in iron which is necessary for creating hemoglobin. Healthy levels of hemoglobin helps deliver oxygen to your body. The magnesium in spinach also contributes to the activation of ATP which is an essential component for energy production.

What is your favorite way to boost your energy levels?

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