Exercising in the Great Outdoors

I love exercising outdoors on cool mornings! The breeze, chirping birds overhead, and the naturally soft ground...it's the perfect way to spend the morning. In fact, exercising outside is one of the healthiest things for you. Check out this study by The New York Times about the benefits of outdoor fitness.

To get you started on your outdoor fitness routine, begin by warming up. Your warm-up can be as simple as fast-walking to the local park (which is what I did) or perform interval running and fast-walking for 1-mile or 15 minutes.

The Workout

Bench Squats 10x

Bench Step-Ups 10x each side

Elevated Push-Ups 10x

Elevated Mountain Climbers 20x

Knee-Ins 10x

Triceps Dips 10x

Romanian Lunges 10x each side

This is a fun workout that can be done anywhere and is perfect for your whole body. You are welcome to do another set for an even more advanced workout. Make sure you cool down properly by stretching and walking back home.

Have a great time outdoors! Until next time,