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For the last month or so, I have been posting about all of the dangerous and unhealthy ways to lose weight. Now, it's time to post a little more positivity and help you out with healthy weight-loss solutions. This is going to be a new series that will hopefully last until the end of March. I hope you're as excited as I am to embark on this weight-loss journey together!

Please let me know if you have any questions about what I write or any other weight-loss issues you are dealing with. I look forward to working alongside you on your personal journey.

Let's start with how weight-loss can be achieved:

  • Eating non-GMO, organic fruits and vegetables

  • Limiting the amount of grains, wheat, and/or gluten you consume

  • Little to no sugar (excluding fruit)

  • Filling up on healthy fats and proteins

  • Regular, specific exercises

  • Limiting the amount of stress in your personal life

  • Making sure you are not deficient in various important vitamins and minerals

  • Recognizing any health issues that might be causing weight-gain

Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, B12, vitamin A, zinc, copper, and folic acid can cause weight-gain. The reason behind this is because your body is not receiving the benefits from these vitamins that it so desperately needs so your body compensates by working improperly. One of the side-effects of certain deficiencies can be obesity.

I recommend that you get a hair-analysis to test if you are deficient in certain minerals. A Naturopathic doctor can help you with a vitamin regimen that will help you build up these minerals naturally. Once this is done and your body is beginning to be restored to health, you will notice that your body will start to work properly, including losing unwanted weight.

Once you get your body working properly again, you want to maintain this health by eating well. You are able to eat your vitamins and minerals through vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, fish (salmon, anchovies, sardines, etc.), and more. Building a healthy, well-rounded diet with a Nutritional Specialist's aid will help you stick to a plan. See A Dancer's Diary for great options.

Avoid GMO foods as much as possible, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils (cottonseed, canola, peanut, rapeseed, etc.), artificial colors and flavors, and high levels of sugar. Try to stick to organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible, grass-fed/free range meats, and organic grains.

Exercise is another component to maintaining proper weight. This, however, must be done slowly and sometimes it is necessary to have assistance to build a proper routine and ensure you are not injuring yourself. Build up the routine slowly by working in short cardio, light weights, and proper warm-ups and cool-downs.

Finally, long-term stress can cause weight-gain. Excess release of cortisol and adrenaline can take a huge toll on your body, causing adipose fat to collect throughout the body. You can read more about how stress affects you body in more detail in A Dancer's Diary.

Now that you have the basics, I will start sharing healthy weight-loss companies that have put together great products for snacking. I will also share great recipes and workouts that can help you lose that unwanted weight you've been carrying around. Thank you for joining me on the first installment of the series.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to share you own weight-loss stories/journey and what has worked for you.

Until next time,


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