How Can Pets Keep You Healthy?

I don't know about you, but my pets help me feel better. When I'm having a bad day, my dog is always there to make me smile. It has been proven that people who own pets (specifically dogs in this instance) live longer. Pet-owners are less prone to heart disease because of lowered blood pressure and less stress. Just petting a dog lowers your heart rate.

Sam (my dog) is always there to greet me when I come home, he encourages me to exercise by taking him on walks, and give the best cuddles when I'm feeling sad or lonely. Did you know that having a pet around when you have a baby or young child can actually reduce their risk of allergies and ear infections? That's pretty cool!

I also firmly believe that giving your pet a hug (assuming that it's big enough to hug) not only lowers your stress levels, but also gives you a boost in your mood.

Today, give your pet a hug or cuddle with them on the couch. If you don't have a pet, hopefully these wonderful health benefits have convinced you to take the plunge ;). Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

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