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Let's Talk Weight Loss Snacks - Part 1

There is trend that's been going around for years to eat snacks that are supposed to "help" you lose weight. This may be true, I have no idea because I've never used them. All I do know, however, is that many of these "healthy" snacks contain damaging ingredients that could ruin your long-term health.

I did my research (as I do with everything) on these weight-loss bars and snacks to see what the ingredients were and how they work. Today, I am going to share some of my findings with you and hopefully it will help in your weight-loss journey. Don't forget to check back every Friday for a new post on this topic.


You probably know by now that I don't buy into fads. I actually hate them! Atkins is a diet that started as a fad and then became renown for its truth about healthy eating for weight loss and other health issues. Basically, Atkins encourages each person to work with their individual metabolisms to burn fat. The carbohydrates (sugars) are limited so that the body is forced to burn the fat instead of the carbs, thus you lose weight.

This sounds pretty good right? As a personal fitness trainer and health specialist, I'd agree. Everything that Atkins says is correct. Now comes the problem. If you look very closely at the ingredients in the individual snacks and meals that they offer, you will find very unhealthy ingredients. Instead of using natural sugars or non at all, he is adding horrible artificial sweeteners to make his snacks taste better. Here are some examples: