Let's Talk Weight-Loss Snacks - Part 5

This will be the last installment of our series. As it comes to a close, I want to encourage you once again to be positive about your weight-loss journey. If you are looking for new ways to lose weight through diet, I will be starting another series next Friday on healthy, beneficial weight-loss foods. I believe that it is important to be as informed as you can be about what you put into your body and I hope that through these series' I have helped you learn and discover the dangerous ingredients that are hiding in the foods that you eat.

Without further ado, let's talk a little bit about Jenny Craig.

Jenny Craig

You knew it was coming. Jenny Craig is famous so it makes it a little harder for me to bring them through the mud. However, I must do it. The way this program works is it regulates when you eat and how much you eat in order to remove any possibility of gaining fat. It uses your body's natural ability to burn fat to help you keep the fat stores off. It also increases metabolism, thus burning fat quickly and efficiently.

In all aspects it sounds like a pretty great program. I would agree, expect for the fact that they hide dangerous and unhealthy ingredients in their products. Let's see what we find.


Classic Waffles

Niacin (can cause allergic reactions and long-term ingestion can cause liver damage and heart problems. Another issue associated is that there may be withdrawal symptoms when removing it from your diet)

Soybean oil (unless organic, the soybeans are GMO and contain pesticides)

Artificial flavors (chemicals)

Sucralose (basically Splenda, this no-calorie sweetener can reduce healthy gut bacteria, releases toxins and can alter your body's natural responses. It has been linked to cancers as well as inflammatory bowel disease)

Cinnamon Rolls


Wheat protein isolate (highly processed and can cause allergic reactions. It can also contain trace amounts of harmful toxins/heavy metals)

Soybean oil

Artificial flavor (chemicals)

Corn syrup (can increase obesity, risk for heart disease, cancer, dementia, liver failure, tooth decay, and more)

Maltodextrin (a treated starch, it can cause a spike in blood sugar similar to real sugar and any excess not used by the body can be stored as fat)

Breakfast Scramble

Whey protein isolate

Soybean oil

Carrageenan (an indigestible thickener that is destructive to the digestive system and causes inflammation. It can also cause cancer)

Annatto color (allergic reactions, immune system tumors, and toxicity)

Sodium erythorbate (completely synthetic and can cause many allergic reactions as well as the unnatural breakdown of healthy red blood cells causing anemia)

Sodium nitrite (is a chemical that can increase your risk of cancer as well as digestive irritation)



Beef Merlot

Dextrose (is made of GMO corn and works exactly the same as sugar for example, it raises the blood sugar levels and acts as an empty calorie)

Corn Syrup

Caramel color

Canola oil (is usually hydrogenated and GMO, containing many chemicals and pesticides)

Whey protein isolate

Annatto color


Chicken Carbonara




Canola oil

Calcium chloride (can cause allergic reactions)

Soybean oil

Soybeans (unless organic, soy beans are GMO and contain pesticides)

Hydrolyzed sodium caseinate (this protein is separated so many times that it breaks down the natural and healthy effects of whole proteins)

Synthetic calcium silicate (key word, synthetic)

Sodium erythorbate

Sodium nitrite


Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake


Resistant maltodextrin (normally, maltodextrin is derived from corn, however, resistant maltodextrin is chemically processed to resist digestion in order to act as fiber to the consumer)

Annatto color

Datem (usually is derived from GMO oils)

Chocolate Lava Cake


Artificial flavor

Polydextrose (a chemically produced form of false fiber)


Corn syrup

Isolated milk protein

Resistant maltodextrin


Before we end this post, I just want to make you aware of other weight-loss products that should be avoided. These include:

  • ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars

  • ThinkThin Protein Bars

  • PowerBar ProteinPlus

  • Balance Bar

These bars either have questionable ingredients in them or are so high in sugar that they are no longer beneficial to your body.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and have learned something about the weight-loss products that you've been hearing so much about. I wish you the best on your personal weight-loss journey and if you ever need any help, please feel free to contact me. Don't forget to join me for our next series, healthy weight-loss solutions.

Until next time,


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