Life Update & Book Discount

I know I've been a little MIA the past couple weeks and I apologize for that. I've been working on writing my first novel and the deadline is Labor Day, so I've been busting my butt trying to get it done. Unfortunately, when I'm writing something like that, my brain just isn't able to think about anything else.

The blog fell my the wayside, but now I'm back!

I won't make any promises that I'll never miss a day ever again, because that's just unrealistic. But, I will promise you that I won't let a week go by without at least one post. With that said, I am going on vacation in a week so I will try my very hardest to get as many posts out as possible.

With vacation coming up, I also wanted to start another series. I often find it difficult to exercise and eat well when on vacation (we're going to Disney World, so you can imagine the difficulty). My hope is that this series will encourage, not only me, but you to exercise and eat well on your vacation.

It's not that difficult to do as long as you have a grocery store and a hotel gym. I will be sharing my fitness routines as well as some healthy, quick recipes that you can throw together in your hotel room (some will require a stove and some will not require anything at all).

So, what do you think? I think I'll call it...Vacation Fit.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the content of A Dancer's Diary Blog. Every topic I write about is very important to me. You are important to me. That is why I am offering followers, email subscribers, and site members 10% off their next copy of A Dancer's Diary! If you would like to purchase a copy, go to our Contact page and fill out the form. Your copy of A Dancer's Diary will be out in the mail in no time.

With all that said, I will see you again on Monday!

Until next time,


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