Long Time, No See!

I took a much-needed break from the blog while my life changed a bit. It was all just a little too much for me to juggle. So, to update you, I was hired for Peebles as a part-time, temporary employee while they transitioned over to Gordmans. It was my first time working in retail and my first time not being my own boss. It was a great learning experience and I wouldn't have traded my experience for anything, but it was stressful.

My body started showing signs of burnout and I was constantly under feelings of anxiety. I didn't quite understand this. The job was fairly easy (except for the fact that I went in every day not knowing what to expect), the people were nice, and my managers praised me. And yet, I was struggling. Long story short, I decided to hand in my resignation a little earlier than I had originally planned and I feel 100% better.

Anyway, I'm telling you this because it's important to know when to listen to your body. I'm a huge advocate for avoiding stress and burnout as much as you possibly can. That is why I'll be doing a couple more posts of stress, anxiety, and burnout for the next couple of months along with my other series on children's health issues and weight-loss.

Listen to your body. Take a break when you need it. Don't push yourself too far.

See you on Thursday!

Until next time,



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