Monday Motivation – My Favorite Fitness App

I don't usually share things like this because I have a love-hate relationship with fitness apps and anything that takes jobs away from people like me (i.e. Personal Trainers). However, I must admit that there is something helpful about having an app or two for specific purposes like keeping you accountable or in my case, keeping me on schedule for building my "6-pack."

So, I was searching around and came upon an app called, Plank Workout - 30 Days Plank Challenge by Leap Fitness Group. This is one of the coolest apps because it's super easy to use and I've seen a huge improvement in only 20 days. I don't like super fancy apps with hundreds of different options and add-ons. This one is perfect for my particular needs.

There are three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I'm on beginner because before this app, I couldn't even hold a 1-minute plank. I know, I know, I've fallen off the fitness horse (so to speak). Anyway, they work you up from 20-second planks to 2-minute planks. Obviously the advanced level is extremely wicked with the final day having you hold a 4-minute plank! Yikes!

I encourage you to give this app a try if you are looking to get your core in perfect shape for Summer. It's great at keeping you motivated as the results will be very noticeable very soon after you start. This app is also completely free to use (a few ads won't kill you).

What's your opinion on fitness apps?

Do you have a favorite?

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