Monday Motivation – Taking Power Naps is Beneficial

It's funny how these posts, though planned ahead of time, end up landing on days when I need them the most. Today is one of those days where a nap would be much appreciated. Did you know that short, power naps are beneficial to your health?

This is great news for those of us who require a little bit of a recharge during the day. Power naps are 20-30 minutes long and provide the following benefits:

  1. They boost alertness. When you are running out of steam, your brain is not able to function at top speed. Being tired is horrible when you're trying to be productive. Scientists tested this theory on high-powered business men and woman to see if it improved their performance. Guess what? It did. They were more alert, creative, and productive.

  2. They improve memory and learning skills. I've noticed (and I did read this somewhere, I just can't remember where) that if I take a short nap, between 15 and 20 minutes, after studying for an hour, I'm able to retain more information. Pretty cool, right?

  3. They improve heart health. Taking daily power naps under 30 minutes long can reduce blood pressure.

  4. They prevent cell damage. Being sleep deprived can be dangerous to overall health. Taking naps can help your body restore itself, thus affecting cell regeneration.

  5. They relieve stress and boost the immune system. Stress has a direct effect on immunity. When you sleep, your body is able to take a much needed break to restore homeostasis (balance). Sleep also helps regulate hormone levels, some of which are directly linked to stress response. Lower stress levels means boosted immune system.

  6. They boost your mood. If you feel stressed, tired, or anxious, naps can help you improve mental health, thus boosting your mood. Naps always make people happy, right?

That's a lot of great benefits for a nap! It looks like I'll be taking advantage of some of these benefits today. Though, with this in mind, I do still recommend that you get the proper 8 hours of sleep you need at night. Your body needs this to repair and restore for the next day. Have a happy, restful day today.

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