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Monday Motivation – What to do When You’re Stuck

Do you struggle with a lack of motivation?

During the cold months, it becomes a lot harder to remain motivated. Hopefully, these tips will help you either increase motivation or help you get out of a plateau that you might be caught up in.

1. Change up your fitness program

This seems simple but it could make a huge difference. If you're continuing the same few workouts, rotating them around, it can get boring. Choose one or two new workouts that might be fun, challenging, and different. You don't want your body to adapt to the same movements. Challenge it each week with something new to see the gains that you want to see.

2. Make note of specific goals that you would like to accomplish

When you write down your goals, make sure they are attainable and specific. If they are vague, it will be harder to achieve.

3. Figure out what would make exercising easier

Is it a comfy, warm, outfit? Is it a favorite snack, meal, or smoothie to get you revved up? Whatever it is that gets you ready for your workouts each day, make note of it and try and build it into your morning, afternoon, or evening routine.

4. Track your progress