Monday Munchies – Foods That Promote Restful Sleep

As you already know, sleep is extremely important for overall health. It keeps stress levels down, unwanted weight off, and lowers risk of disease. However, there are times when sleep doesn't come very easily. Did you know that there are certain types of food that contain special vitamins and minerals that can act as sleep aids?

Vitamin D, melatonin, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, B vitamins, and theanine are all excellent for promoting restful sleep. There are so many different foods that contain some or all of these wonderful nutrients. Here are just a few:


Cherries are one of the few foods that contain melatonin. I recommend eating tart cherries, taking tart cherry supplements, or even drinking a little tart cherry juice (no added sugar) to store up healthy levels of melatonin for healthy sleep.

Warm Milk with Turmeric

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory which can help your body relax at night. Combine with warm milk and a little Manuka honey and you've got yourself a delicious bedtime treat.


Bananas contain potassium and magnesium which aid in muscle relaxation which is why they are great for muscle cramps.


Have you ever taken a long nap after Thanksgiving dinner? That's because the tryptophan in turkey can cause you to feel sleepy. If you have a really hard time falling asleep, make yourself a meal with turkey.