Monday Munchies – Healthy Travel Snacks

With Summer on the horizon comes family vacation. With family vacation comes traveling. If you are like me and my family, travel snacks are very important. Today, I am going to share some of my favorite, healthy travel snacks with you. These wonderful snack ideas come from

I love fresh foods like snap peas, grapes, apple slices, and baby carrots. String cheese, hummus, almonds, boiled eggs, and jerky are also great for protein. I also recommend that you pack water or coconut water to stay hydrated. You can view the whole list of snacks here.

You can even use this idea for packaging your snacks for easy access.

Picture via: Busy Creating Memories

I do recommend that you separate the wet and dry snacks in different containers so that the dry ones don't get soggy. And, even though there are candies in the above picture, keep it healthy and pack natural candies.

Have a fantastic time on your next vacation!



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