My Picks: Active Wear

I thought it would be fun, for the holidays, to start a short series of all my picks from many different products and companies. As a personal fitness trainer, active wear is my #1 thought. To look professional, I need to make sure that my active wear is fashionable, comfortable, and makes me feel beautiful. Here are some of my picks for this year:

Sports Bras

#1 Jacquard Fully Focused Bra from Athleta $54

#2 Transcendence Bra from Athleta $49

#3 Printed Strappy-Go-Lucky Bra from Athleta $54

#4 Zenith Zip Bra - Dark Bloom from PopFlex Active $32


#1 T Back Lattice Tank from Athleta $69

#2 Open Back Flexlight Top from Athleta $64

#3 Luxe Cut Out Pose Top from Athleta $79

#4 Essence Tie Back Tank from Athleta $44

#5 Goddess Top - Periwinkle from PopFlex Active $40

#6 Fairytale Long Sleeve - Snow from PopFlex Active $34


#1 Marble Salutation Tight from Athleta $89

#2 Distortion Salutation 7/8 Tight from Athleta $89

#3 Wishing Star Capri - Night from PopFlex Active $39

#4 Iana Leggings from Zarely $147

#5 Maia Blue Seamless Leggings from Zarely $157

All of these great choice! How do you pick just one? Which styles are your favorites?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,


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