National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

I would like to take this time to celebrate every personal trainer out there. You are awesome! As a personal trainer myself, I know how involved the job can be. We have to stay fit and healthy in order to properly train our clients. We have to continue to learn about new techniques and research. We plan and plan...and plan so that our clients have the best possible care.

It's such a blessing to work closely with incredible people and help them achieve their fitness and health goals. To see them get stronger and more confident in themselves. It is a job I wouldn't trade for the world. I feel truly blessed to a part of this amazing community of fitness professionals and love meeting new people.

From one personal trainer to another...thank you for your continued perseverance. Thank you for taking the time to help clients achieve their goals. I'll say it are awesome!

Show some love in the comments for a personal trainer that has been an inspiration to you.

For this special day, I'd like to offer you $10 off your first month if you book me as a Personal Trainer today. Check out La Belle Vie Fitness for booking information as well as details on the services I provide.

Until next time,



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