Natural At-Home "Spa" Products

I've had a lot of fun so far trying out new products and recipes for pampering myself at home. Now, I know that nothing beats a spa and having someone give you a massage or facial, however, sometimes it's just not the most affordable option. Because I haven't had enough time to try out all of the recipes that I wanted to, I'm going to extend this series into next week as well.

Today, I'm going to share the products that I have tried and hopefully you like them! Some of these recipes came from previous blog posts and some came directly from A Dancer's Diary. I'll link the recipes below the pictures so that you can try them out for yourself. Most of the other products were purchased at Target (a.k.a, the best store in the world) unless otherwise stated.


Pacifica Pineapple Cleanse-Oil Slaying Face Wash

I love, love, love this product! I just recently came across it in Target and just had to get it. It removes any excess oils from my face, which is wonderful, and it smells like pineapples. My skin has never felt cleaner. This cleanser cost me about $10.

Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash

This is another of my favorite cleansers! It removes all my makeup and smells great. It clears up my skin so quickly when I use it regularly. I think I'll be saving this for winter when my skin is less oily, but overall, it's a wonderful product. I paid about $9 for this product.

Face Masks-

One of my favorite things to do when I'm tired or feeling like I need a "spa" day, is put on a face mask. It depends on my mood whether I use a detox one or a calming one. Lately, I've been trying a few out for various skin issues that I deal with. You can check out some benefits of some of these masks here.

Green Bentonite Clay Mask

Bentonite clay is great for people with skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It detoxes the skin and draws out impurities while brightening the skin and shrinking pores. This mask does dry out your skin a great deal, so make sure you try it out on a small section before putting it on your full face. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. Price varies depending on where you buy it, however, on Amazon it costs about $8.

Australian Pink Clay Mask

Not only is this mask pink, it is also a little more gentle than the bentonite clay. It has some pretty similar attributes to bentonite but is better for people with dry skin as it will be less irritating to your skin. This mask was a little crumbly but did its job very well. This particular mask came from Amazon for $12.

Yes-To Grapefruit Mud Mask

I've never really purchased these masks before because I don't like spending the extra money on things like this. However, for my birthday, I decided to go for it. I've tried the Yes-To Grapefruit brightening gel before and it was great! The mask was also great! It was calming and I noticed that my skin looked brighter after rinsing it off. Because I have dark spots on my chin, I think this is one of my new favorite products. I paid $2.50 for this single-use mask, however, there was enough in it for a second use.

Yes-To Miracle Oil Mud Mask

This mask was incredible calming and soothing to my skin. It contains primrose oil which is great for balancing hormones and decreasing redness in your skin. Overall, it is a great product, however, I think I actually like the Yes-To Grapefruit mask a little better. This mask was also $2.50.

Pacifica Vital Immersion Deep Hydration Mask

I don't usually use any hydration masks or moisturizers because I have naturally oily skin, however, this mask was surprisingly wonderful. I washed my face before bed and applied this mask for overnight hydration. When I woke up, instead of finding that my face was super oily, it was so smooth, fresh, and glowing. I bought this sample pack a while ago so they don't sell it anymore but the average price for a full-size bottle is about $10.


Sugar Lip Scrub

I love lip scrubs! Especially ones with sugar so that I can lick it off after I'm done ;). This lip scrub is made with organic sugar and coconut oil to slough off dead skin and moisturize. The original recipe is made with watermelon juice, but since I didn't have that around, I made mine vanilla by adding a little vanilla extract. I basically just used what I could find around my house. My guess is that this cost me less than $1 to make.

Lip Scrub Recipe

Grapefruit-Peppermint Foot Soak

Epsom salts are great for detoxing and is a great source of magnesium. Soaking your feet in this foot bath is so rejuvenating. Of course, you can add whatever essential oils you wish. I added a grapefruit and peppermint mix because I just love the rejuvenating scent of them together. Epsom salts are so easy to find and they are super affordable so my guess on pricing here is less than $10.

Foot Soak Recipe


Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is great for allergies, boosting the immune system, clearing skin conditions, and so much more! It is a caffeine-free tea that can help you sleep better and contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight signs of aging. Rooibos is also rich in many important minerals. You can check out its many benefits by clicking this link.

I chose to try this Rooibos tea that is mixed with both cardamom and turmeric. The cardamom is great for digestion and turmeric is excellent for anti-inflammatory benefits. I also added a little of this turmeric manuka honey. It was delicious! Both of these products came from Marshals for about $20 all together.

Cucumber-Blueberry Water

You've heard of spas providing cucumber water right? Well, making some at home is so easy! Cucumbers are great for hydration as they are mostly made of water, they are also a great source of fiber (if you eat them with their skins) and B vitamins. They also provide a refreshing flavor to your water. Add blueberries for a little fruity taste. Blueberries are fantastic antioxidant-packed berries. They help with anti-aging and are anti-inflammatory.

All you need to do is slice up some organic cucumber and muddle a few organic blueberries and place them in your water. Buying organic can get pricey, but you don't want to add extra chemicals into your body. All together, it costs about $6 for this drink and you'll have extra cucumber and blueberries for later.

Now all I need is to break out my back and foot massagers for a blissful "spa" day! I think I might actually do that right now. :) Take the time to pamper yourself this deserve it!

What is your favorite natural, at-home "spa" product or recipe that you've tried?

Do you have any favorite natural beauty product companies?

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