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New Spring Video Workout Series

I am so excited to announce that I've been working on a Spring Video series for my YouTube channel! This series will focus on teaching proper form for important, body weight-focused exercises. We will focus on arms, abdominals and back, legs and butt, and then put everything together for a well-rounded, full-body workout.

These videos are great for preparing for bikini season and the arm workout made us feel as though we had Wonder Woman arms. The workouts are great for both men and women and you don't need any equipment.

We did film our arms video, however, the microphone wasn't plugged in properly so we have to film all over again. Haha! Oh well. Filming is happening today and tomorrow, so I'll be posting the videos next week. For now, I encourage you to go to my YouTube channel and subscribe (and while you're at it, click the little notification bell).

I hope that you'll join us. Until then, have a wonderful day!