New Year's Resolutions

I haven't really made a list of resolutions for myself for quite a few years. I guess it put a little too much pressure on myself to actually do what I had put on that list and whatever I didn't accomplish was a bit of a failure. My resolutions list would be more of a bucket list or a set of achievable goals.

I'm the type of person that likes to plan but I don't like being boxed in. Being spontaneous is fun sometimes. So, I look at my resolutions as goals that I can work toward throughout the year. These goals are achievable and attainable, making it easier for me to feel accomplished by the end.

As we enter a new decade (can you believe that?!), I wanted to share some of my resolutions - goals - for a little inspiration for coming up with your own goals. Feel free to share some of your own resolutions in the comments below!

#1 Increase my flexibility

I've been wanting to increase my flexibility for a long time but have never buckled down to actually get that done. This year, I'd like to be able to do a split.

#2 Write another book

I've already started working toward this goal. My hope is that I will get it finished by Fall.

#3 Study, study, study

I gotta get my study on this year as I've been putting it off for a year. I also need to decide whether or not I want to continue my education.

#4 Begin my book tour

Starting in January, I'll be working on booking locations to begin my book tour. I'm very excited about this process!

#5 Live in the moment

We can make all the goals we want but life has a way of changing things up on us when we least expect it. My goal is to go with the flow and take things as they come. Live in the moment, even if that means not having my phone to snap a picture.

I hope that this has inspired you just a little. Happy New Year!

Until next time,



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