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Performance Eyes

I wanted to change things up a bit and make today fun by giving you some tips on how to do your eye makeup for performances. Of course, it is super important that you follow the guidelines that your teacher has set out for you to follow, however, some teachers allow for a little personal flair. I have always loved doing my makeup with pinks and browns to highlight my green eyes and make them look bigger. Eyeliner is also super important if you have smaller eyes as well as mascara and/or false eyelashes.

Here are a few tips and pictures that may help you for your next performance-

Adding a nice winged eyeliner (see below for an easy application tip), a darker color in the inner and outer corners of the lid, and gold in the middle will be very dramatic and stunning. Bring the gold under the lower lashes to add a little sparkle and to continue the look all over the eye.

This look is similar to the one above but just a little more natural and subtle. For this look, use lighter browns and a softer gold color for the middle. A lighter eyeliner gently lines the lashes and doesn't make the eyes look too dark. Add some false lashes to enhance