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Spring Sale

This spring, I will be offering $10 off the Amazon price of A Dancer's Diary! If you order before June 1st, you will get A Dancer's Diary for only $25. Just click "order your copy of A Dancer's Diary" in the upper left corner of this page and fill out the information.

A Dancer's Diary offers great information specific to dancers and athletes (and those in between) who wish to maintain health and strength throughout their careers. You will learn how to properly maintain strength and flexibility balance, increase endurance, how to build a proper menu that will fuel you for your active lifestyle, the ins and outs of losing weight and building muscle, massaging and fascia release, how to avoid too much stress, increasing the immune system to avoid illness and allergies, and so much more!

In the book, you will also find fun journal pages to fill out with personal information that will help you put things into perspective. I have also offered checklists that will help you stay organized for whatever event or performance you need to prepare for.

I encourage you to pick up your copy today! Order only through to get the promotion. Let me know if you have any questions.

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