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Staying Motivated When It's Too Cold

It's that time of year. The time where leaving your bed in the morning is like jumping into an igloo and even socks don't keep your feet warm. I hate being cold. Just the thought of getting up and dressed and working out when it's ice cold is not appealing at all. How do I stay motivated? Here are some things that help me...

1. Put a space heater in your workout room. I can't stand stepping into an ice cold workout room! We have a little space heater that only takes about 20 minutes to warm up a room. Put it on, eat your breakfast, and you're good to go.

2. Put your exercise clothes in bed with you or in the dryer. It sounds a little weird, but if you are expecting a super cold day the next day, I recommend putting your clothes in bed with you while you sleep. This warms them up so that you don't experience the shock of cold clothes compared to warm pajamas. You can try the dryer, too, however, be careful to read the tags to make sure you don't shrink anything.

3. Work out with a friend. I am hosting a live workout program on my Instagram for the next 4 weeks, starting Monday (@adancerforjesus). This is, not only fun, but it helps keep me motivated to actually exercise. Having a friend with you forces you to keep going.

4. Reward yourself. Create small rewards for getting active. I still have Christmas candy, so I will treat myself to a couple pieces after my workout or I'll sit and watch a movie under a cozy blanket. I kinda defeats the purpose a little, but the great thing is that you can create your own special rewards.

5. Think about the bigger picture. I keep thinking about the fact that I'm going to look fabulous in my bathing suit this summer! Rather than waiting until summer actually gets here, I'm getting a head start on bikini season. Make a goal for yourself and work toward it.

Remember that everyone is different and something might work for you that doesn't work for me. Stick with what makes you happy. If it's blasting your favorite music and warming up with a dance party in the kitchen or enjoying a hot mug of coffee before your workout, go for it!<