Taking a Breather

It's been so busy around here lately, trying to get the book finally finished up, submitted, and marketed. I'm getting a little stressed and need a little breather for a week. In order to remain calm and content, I am limiting the amount of things I do this week. I am going to watch Netflix, plan my vacation, read, and take naps.

This is what being an author and business owner is like some days. I love my jobs but sometimes I need to step away and do nothing for a little while. So this post is a little late in the day and very short, but I just wanted you to know that I'm still here. Things are coming together quite smoothly-praise God. The book is finished, the invitations ready, and social media buzzing.

I encourage you to take a walk outside, sit in the shade and listen to the birds, read a good book, watch a funny show or movie, or take a long nap. Whatever makes you happy and relaxed. It is so important that you be stress-free. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful 1st day of summer!

Until next time,


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