The Benefits of Unplugging

Devices have become a huge focal point of our existence. They are everywhere...phones, computers, televisions, iPads, iPods, Bluetooth for everything. Everywhere we look there are screens.

Though I do rely on my phone and computer very heavily for work, I like taking the time to unplug once in a while. Today, I am going to share some really great benefits to unplugging those devices.

  1. It has been proven that teens who unplugged from their devices experienced improved quality of life. They are forced to talk face-to-face and interact with friends and family and they get more exercise. Taking time off the phone, gives you time to explore the world around you and discover new hobbies.

  2. The best way to recharge after work is by turning off your phone. Avoiding the emails and other work-related tasks after hours helps you avoid that extra stress and gives you time to unwind properly.

  3. It is also proven that turning off and avoid all devices an hour or two before bed improve your sleep. The blue light from screens interrupt the production of melatonin in the brain (the hormone that makes you sleepy). This constant interruption can cause insomnia in some people.

  4. Unplugging gives your brain a sort of reboot, improving memory and mood. The boost in your mood will also help you be more productive and positive throughout your day. Enjoying the moment is also very important and unplugging allows that.

I encourage you to take the time to unplug, whether it's today or tomorrow. Get outside and get active, spend time with family and friends, read a book, or try something new. Enjoy your weekend!

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