Valentine's Day Plans

If you are alone on Valentine's day, like me this year, here are some fun ideas for you to use to still have fun on a romantic holiday.

Online Shopping

You will probably find me online browsing through the sales on Anthropologie or Charlotte Russe. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable to buy myself something pretty.

Binging Rom-Coms

My favorite! I will be on the couch (shopping) and watching all of my favorite romantic comedies. My favorites (currently on Netflix) are probably How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Emma. What are your favorites?


I will probably be using my foot massager, but if you don't have a massager, it's always nice to lotion up your feet and massage them out (especially for the dancers reading this). After that, paint your nails bright red or pink.

Bubble Bath

My all-time favorite way to celebrate any holiday! A nice relaxing bubble bath with your favorite scented candle, music or a rom-com, a little wine, and maybe some chocolates is a great way to spend your Valentine's day.

Go Out for Dessert

Dress up and go to a nice restaurant for dessert. Or you could just buy yourself a box of fancy chocolates and eat them at home ;). But, going out is always fun and allows you to dress up and get your hair and makeup all done. You could even invite other gals to go with you.

Valentine's day is a great holiday for couples but sometimes it's nice to spend a little time pampering and loving yourself. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating (as I know my day will be very relaxing).

What are your favorite things to do on Valentine's day?

Until next time,


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