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Vitamin D

It is becoming a huge issue among dancers to have a vitamin D deficiency. This is partly because they are indoors all day rehearsing and are not spending enough time in the sun. It is extremely important that you get your daily dose of vitamin D because it:

  • helps you absorb important nutrients and calcium to build strong bones and immune system

  • helps balance calcium levels and prevents arthritis

  • regulates blood pressure

  • aids in insulin secretion

  • improves kidney function

  • relieves muscle cramps, spasms, aches, and pains

  • controls abnormal development of cells that could lead to cancer

  • aids in weight loss

  • improves eye sight

  • keeps the brain healthy

  • and, prevents premature aging

There are so many more benefits of maintaining a healthy amount of vitamin D in your body! Vitamin D can be found in various foods such as salmon (Alaskan wild-caught), eggs, mushrooms, herring, sardines, and rainbow trout. For better absorption, combine these foods with ones that are rich in vitamin K-basil, kale, scallions, Brussels sprouts, chili powder, asparagus, fennel, leeks, olive oil, and prunes.