What Are People Saying?

Hey everyone, have you seen what people are saying about A Dancer's Diary? I am so excited to see the way people are responding to my book! Here's a little taste of what people are saying-

"Not a dancer? No problem! You'll still love the workouts, recipes, and pictures it has to offer." -Hallie Jo, Author

"What a great job you have done in covering so many aspects of a dancer's life, including physical, mental, and emotional. A Dancer's Diary is a unique combination of valuable information that will help dancers achieve a well rounded, healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the context of dance. I especially liked the chapter on the history of dance and the chapter detailing stretching exercises.

Your book is a wonderful achievement that will enrich the lives of dancers for many years to come." -Maubra Jane Randolph, Dance Teacher/Owner of Seaford Dance Center

"As a naturopathic doctor, I teach the importance of PREVENTION to my patients. So I am very impressed that Amanda includes many techniques for prevention of injuries as well as what to do if one gets an injury." -Dr. Carol Perkins, N.D.

What do you think? I am very excited to get more people interested and willing to help me market A Dancer's Diary. On July 7th I'll be posting the 30-day countdown, so keep your eye out!

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