What's In My Dance Bag?

You wanted more dance-related posts so what could be more dance-themed than seeing what is in my dance bag? I can't tell you just how much is actually in there! I have collected so many things since my "dance student days" that it is not even funny. Today, I am going to show you everything that is currently in my dance bag.

Rather than type out everything, I've decided to film a short video to make it a little easier (and more fun) on myself, and you. Enjoy!

I guess the weirdest thing I found in my dance bag was the floss and the random rubber band. I never used floss, so I'm not quite sure how it made its way in there and I have no clue why I would've kept a rubber band. Haha!

What's the weirdest thing that you've found in your dance bag?

Until next time,



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