Worst Weight-Loss Programs (personal opinion) – Part 2

Okay guys, here is part two of my current weight-loss series. As a personal trainer, I have decided that I want to focus my efforts mainly on weight-loss clients. Why? Because I have found that there are so many companies and products that are advertising false positives. There are also so many companies and products that contain harmful ingredients that might help you lose weight temporarily but could also cause other health issues.

This is why I do what I do. I want to spread truth about weight-loss. More than anything, I want you to be able to achieve your goals in the simplest, healthiest, and affordable ways. With that said, let's get into the real point of this post. {scroll down for the giveaway}


I have done a highlight post on Atkins snacks and how bad their ingredients are. Yes, I've checked the majority of their products to be super sure. The majority of their products contain soy protein isolate. This is a terrible protein to consume because it can cause allergic reactions and soy can cause hormone disruptions, especially these highly-processed versions.

Now, their recipes aren't terrible but they encourage low-calorie sweeteners which are terrible for your health and canola oil which is so bad for you. I have already done a post about how bad low-calorie diets can be for your health, so as far as Atkins is concerned, I rank it as one of the worst weight-loss programs for overall health.


I just can't with this company! How could a weight-loss company that has proclaimed themselves to be "healthy" provide products that contain such poisonous ingredients? It makes my blood boil to read through their ingredients lists on their foods knowing how detrimental the ingredients they use can be to a human body.

To give you an idea, they use carrageenan (linked to cancer), corn syrup, soy protein & soy protein isolate (hormone disruption), bleached flour (do you think you should be eating bleach?), soybean oil (again with the hormone disruption)...must I go on? There are plenty more that I could list and they're aren't just found in one or two products but ALL of them.

I'd normally have much more to say about this program but it makes me so upset so I'll just stop here.


This one is lowest on the list because it's really not that bad, however, I have found that it is not beneficial for your body to be gluten-free long-term. Like I said in my post about short-term gluten-free diets...

Like all diets, gluten-free diets are fads. Sorry to say it but, there really isn't any rhyme or reason as to why healthy people should be eating gluten-free. There isn't any significant benefit to your body. The main reason as to why gluten may be making you feel full, bloated, or gassy can be attributed to eating foods that either are heavily processed or contain processed forms of gluten in their ingredients. This is then categorized as gluten sensitivity and may require you to avoid gluten for a time or stick to eating organic forms of gluten.

You should check out the full post here to read why going gluten-free long-term is not beneficial to a healthy person and can even cause adverse effects. So, Paleo is lower on the list but it's still a program that I don't recommend for long-term use.

What are your opinions on what I've shared with you?

Do you have any other weight-loss programs to add to my list?

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