Are you a dancer looking for new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Are you a dance instructor looking for ways to teach your students how to care for their bodies? Are you struggling to find a resource that has all the information you need in one condensed publication?

Whether you are an up and coming ballerina or an involved dance instructor, A Dancer's Diary will outline all the information you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Each dancer deserves a chance to reach their highest goals and potential. Injury and illness can hinder performance, making it difficult to reach these goals. Prevention is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

With this book, dancers will miss fewer classes throughout the dance year, leaving more time to excel and grow as a dancer. They will also have fun with the extra chapters on how to take care of their hair, feet, and skin, try their hand at homemade "spa" products and snacks, learn easy ways to stay cool under pressure, and much more!

A Dancer's Diary

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